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by Bro MWJ Knight ROH, PPGP, P Kts Pres, P ROH Pres, P EC Pres

It is very unfortunate that although the Province was formed in 1898, there are no records available prior to 1914. 

The Province was formed in 1898 and was in those days called a "District Primo's Lodge", in Malvern, which is the same as a Provincial Grand Lodge, a District being the same as Province. The actual Warrant for the PGL in its present form was issued on 5 November 1902 and opened on 14 January 1903.

After the bad years, before and during the First World War, in the 1920's and 30's Buffaloism flourished, and quite a number of Provinces in the 1929 Directory show the number of Lodges in excess of 150 to a Province, and so it was very commonplace for groups of Lodges to split from their PGL and form another PGL. This, in fact, happened to our Province when 6 Lodges left in 1925 and joined the Ross PGL which was formed about 1923/24, but sadly closed between 1940 and 1945. Again 2 Lodges left the Province and joined Central Wales & Upper Wye Valley PGL in 1926. As a matter of interest, in 1929, there were 8 Lodges in Ross and 6 in Central Wales & Upper Wye Valley PGL's.

I think that the best way to chronicle the History, is to quote from the minutes of PGL meetings .

June 14th 1914. Proposed that Four Primo Parchments be granted to newly raised Primo's in Ross. PGL started meeting every three months in February 1918.

December 1919. Agreed to rescind minute for PGL to be movable, and to be permanently located in Hereford City. There were many attempts during the next five years to change again to movable, but without success. Total attendances at PGL ranged from 7 to 16 in the period 1914 to 1920. Total number of Lodges at 1 January 1920 were: King Edward VII, Wye, Welsh Border, Arnold, Victory. PGL meeting normally every 2 months in 1920.

PGL stock of goods at 31 January 1921.

100 Emblems 3-10-0
90 Rule Books 1-13-6
9 Degree Parchments


Sundry 1- 5-0
Total 7- 6-6

8 February 1921. PGL passed resolution that Brothers unable to attend due to shift work, to be allowed to sign Register by "Proxy" in order that their vote be counted.

October 1921. G.L. inform PG Secretary that all orders for GL goods must be accompanied by the remittance, Rule 90. PGL then passed resolution that PG Secretary be given an "Open Cheque" duly signed, in order to order goods as and when required. Agreed that neighbouring Provinces would co-operate with each other to support applications for GL Annuities and War Annuities.

6 December 1921. PGL resolution for PG Secretary to send all Minor Lodge Secretaries list of GL goods and prices, and request monies with orders from ML. PG Secretary to add 25% to all GL prices, to cover PGL expenses.. Resolved that PG Secretary write to GL to enquire how many knocks are required to enter the various Lodge meetings as the PG Secretary was only a CP. I wonder whether he was given the Chapter and Assembly knocks.

20 February 1922. Permission granted to the Wye Lodge 588 to raise three Brothers to the Second Degree, in the place of Brothers who had left the District.

21 August 1922. Resolution that all Jewels presented to Brothers to be worn every Lodge night.

20 November 1922. Application to form Ross PGL defeated by 12 votes in favour and 19 against, also application to open three new Lodges.

21 August 1923. That Ross & District PGL pay dues to Hereford up to 30 June 1923. So presumably GL agreed that Ross PGL be opened. Wye 588 to raise 6 Brothers to 2nd Degree, Silician 4 to 2nd and Welsh Border 1 to 2nd, PGL. There appears to have been what was called "Hosts Deposit" and when Lodges moved to Ross PGL when they had paid their dues to Hereford, their Hosts Deposit were returned.

9 October 1923. Resolved that the PGL Bank account be moved from Lloyds Bank Ltd at Ross to Lloyds Bank Ltd at Hereford. Resolved by PGL that PG Secretary, Bro J Taylor KOM be instructed to resign his office immediately. New Secretary Bro AE Jones CP - Letter received from Mr P Taylor son of Bro J Taylor, requesting that in order to safeguard the family, he, his brother Mr A Taylor and Mr H Nicholls would stand guarantors to refund any shortages - Resolved in future PG Secretary hand over all monies to PG Treasurer after each Lodge closed. PGL will meet every two months.

11 December 1923. Resignation of Brothers D Husbands KOM and F Groom KOM as trustees of the PGL - Committee reported that monies due from Bro J Taylor were 34-6-7d and this had been received from the son Mr P Taylor, who had also paid the monies due to Hereford General Hospital - Resolution passed to recommend Expulsion of Bro J Taylor. (15 in favour 4 against). Central Wales Spa Lodge requested permission from Grand Council through this G.A. to hold Sub Examining Council at Builth Well.- Resolution that all Minor Lodges be given 14 days notice of PGL meeting and an Agenda.

13 May 1924. Resolution that PGL start a Benevolent Fund with a Committee of 5.


Lodges History

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