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United Lodge No 6973

In 1983 the United Lodge No 6973, of the Hereford Province, donated a £130 fine English oak table to the church in memory of the S.A.S. soldiers who died in the Falklands War.

Sergeant William Hughes, one of the 18 soldiers who died in the tragic helicopter crash in the Falklands was a member of the United Lodge.

Bro Stuart Robinson KOM, Secretary of the lodge, said, “The table has been given in memory of William Hughes and all the other S.A.S. men that died, particularly those that were members of the RAOB.”

Mr Harold Morgan, organiser of the S.A.S. memorial window fund asked the RAOB to donate a table to the church for use as a registration desk for marriage certificates because the fund had reached £24,000 at that time.