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Eddie Watkins Lodge No 10492

Every year, since 1995, as well as supporting the Provincial Grand Primo's Appeal, the Lodge has chosen a charity to support. These charities are chosen by the Lodge members with the only stipulation being that they must be local to Hereford. Those years when the PGP is a Lodge member, all efforts are put into his Appeal, naturally.

1995 Windsor Place Special School 500
Barrs Court Road Special School 500
PGP Appeal 47
1996 Hereford Youth Theatre 300
Neo Natal Unit, Hereford 300
PGP Appeal 1394
1997 PGP Appeal 529
1998 PGP Appeal 2415
1999 Martha Trust Residential Home 2565
PGP Appeal 198
2000 PGP Appeal 3470
2001 PGP Appeal 3090
2002 PGP Appeal 2150
2003 PGP Appeal 4385
2004 PGP Appeal
2005 Hereford Alzheimer's Disease Society  

    1999 Presentation