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Eddie Watkins Lodge No 10492

Current Lodge Members

Bro Mike Burrow ROH IPPGP EC P Pres Kt P Pres ROH IP Pres Auditor
Bro Milan Tomic'  ROH PPGP EC P Pres Kt P Pres   
Bro George Skivington ROH PPGP EC P Pres Kt P Pres ROH P Pres
Bro Les Thomas ROH PPGP EC IP Pres Kt P Pres ROH Pres Treasurer
Bro Bob Best ROH PPGP  EC P Pres Kt P Pres  Secretary
Bro Ray Shorthouse ROH Kt IP Pres
Bro Dave Morris ROH IPPGP Kt V Pres  
Bro Darren Brooke KOM Kt Pres
Bro Jim Wellings KOM  Trustee
Bro Christopher Drugan CP Trustee
Bro Spike Francis CP
Bro Colin Davies
Bro Cain Wellings
Bro Chris Shorthouse

Prayer to Absent Brethren

Where 'er they serve, where 'er they strive, in answer to the call,

We send fraternal greetings to each, our Brethren all.

Although it's known we miss them, and in this we always think,

Though absent in the body, still we count them in the Link.

To download the "Absent Brethren Toast" midi file right click here

last updated 05/01/05